Sunday, November 16, 2014

Random bits

Hope you enjoy this peek at some of what I've been up to lately...

Heart art

I REALLY believe we can ALL do this!!!

new canvas up at Java Stop

Our son had an amazing Cross Country season and we are very PROUD.

9th in Western MA

Using what I have to create, don't you just love BUTTONS???  I sure DO!!!

Button art

As you may have guessed, PEACE is often on my mind...

Crayon painting peace sign

Sent this off to my dear S-I-L in Texas, to raise funds for a very good cause!

angel gown art piece

Expressing my coffee love is great F-U-N ;)

yellow coffee cup

Taken in Essex, CT on our 30th wedding anniversary trip.

Essex still life

I love giving art from the heart, how about you?

Sign for baby Adrian :)

Wasn't kidding about the randomness of my blog post was I?  Hope and plan to be posting more regularly VERY soon.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New junque journals, 5

I took a new online class, by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, called Make Your Own Junque Journal and I enjoyed it immensely!  Now I have 5 new journals :)   

Here are photos of a few covers...

SPARKLE front cover

This art journal measures 8x10

back cover detail

A smaller one at 5 1/2 x 8, the right one is what was used for my front cover.

front and back covers 

A monoprint on envelope paper is on this 8x10 journal.  I really like the messiness and wrinkles and character this journal already has.  Sets the imagination on fire for me.

Red planet front cover

The red planet back cover was done with molding paste through a stencil to give this great detailed dimension.  

back cover of red planet journal

Here's the finished junque journal with a plain black spine.  I just love being able to make my own books now!   

red planet journal

5 journals of varying sizes, sigh :)

5 bound journals

Here you get a glimpse inside the journals...

I spy a cute pup here

a line of tags there

and a mono printed page here

Here's another finished one, with the image of the Empire State building on both covers.  I once considered these images as "failures", don't think that anymore!

love the polka dots!

You may recognize this mono print from my 67 words challenge as "leave" #30 of 67.  Again, not a perfectly flat, smooth surface but that just gives it character.  This journal is the largest one at 9 1/2 by 12 1/4.  

leave mono printed cover

Leave's back cover look was done with tapes, easy and FUN.

taped back cover 

Just had to celebrate the joy of journal making with YOU.  Making stuff is awesome, don't you think?!

Happy artist

I'm off to do some art journaling, ta-ta for now ;)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Box of tags

I give away art tags at the coffee shop & decided to spiff up the display with a new box :)

The box and a few tags also helped me catch up with my 67 words challenge! 

New tags box(#46)

I stuffed the box with a bunch of new tags, created in my studio this weekend.  

Box with tags

I just love these old heavy duty metal file boxes and am glad to put this one to use!

Reusing old metal box

So, if you're in Agawam sometime, stop in, pick out an art tag AND try one of our delicious lattes.

sharing tags with customers

Relish your view is written on the back of the tag.  This saved magazine photo seems so peaceful to me. 


Here's my interpretation of twinkle, with stars, glitter glue and a colorful background.  Twinkle, twinkle little star is still a favorite nursery rhyme of mine.

Twinkle #44

Each of my art tags is decorated on both sides.  And I use a lot of recycled materials to create them, like paper bags, cardboard, ribbons, string, greeting cards, postcards, jean strips, calendars, and words cut from magazines.

Art line

Some of my favorites hang on art lines in the mustard studio!  

I really enjoy sharing my art with YOU and our fantastic customers.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Tilting with recycled plastic

Tilt is word #43 of 67 words.  Black and white is always a great place to start and these bread tags also had some blue on them, so that made up the color palette for "tilt". 

The bread tags were glued down with Aleene's Fast Grab tacky glue.  As the label says "holds items on contact" and it really does!  I really like to work fairly quickly so it's nice when you know things aren't going to shift around as layers are built up.  

canvas board painted black

Didn't take a lot of process pictures for this word. 

But on the finished piece you can see I added blues and black and white by blobbing it in spots and encouraging it to run down.  

Then another layer of bread tags was glued down and splatterings of white and black paints.  

finished canvas

The last layer consists of other plastic items like wire spools, computer keys and packaging materials of black and white.  

which way should it hang?

I really like this limited color palette AND all these plastic TRASH pieces that got recycled.  May have to work on more limited color palette pieces in the future :)

And that my friends is D

D key


End computer key

of my tilted tale...

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Reframe, artist trading cards

Reframe is word 42 of 67 words.  I chose to reframe some clipped catalog images onto artist trading cards for this challenge.

First, I chose some ATC blanks with oranges and yellows, which I Gessoed to tone down the brightness a bit.    

catalog image

Then, I chose some images that might look interesting over the background and covered them with packing tape.  


bold image

It's important to rub the tape down well onto the images.  Don't expect perfect image transfers, just see what happens.  Sometimes the biggest "mistakes" turn out great!   

Soak the taped images in water and rub paper away.

soaking taped images 

Glue down images to ATC with whichever glue YOU like :)

Here I used Liquitex Matte Gel but a glue stick could work too.

glued tape transfer

After trimming excess tape from the ATCs, I realized something was missing, so...

trimmed ATC

I used Washi tapes to "reframe" these images.  They don't look anything like the images from the catalog now.

washi tape "reframing"

This challenge is about spurring on creativity and its definitely working for me.  

Word #43 is tilt, in case you are playing along.

Do you set creative challenges or goals for yourself?  I'd love to hear what you're up to...