Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Magic word keeper

Do you believe in magic?  I believe in creative magic!  AND trusting in a process I'm compelled to do.  Like cutting words and phrases out of magazines almost obsessively.

Big beautiful words :)

figured at the very least, they could be used on ATCs or in art journaling spreads.  Honestly still not sure the whole WHY yet and I am OKAY with that! 

 wonderful word piles

Initially, I put the words into old coin envelopes labeled -a- to -z- and worked with that system for a while.  But it didn't take long for those envelopes to get over stuffed and for me to realize the need for another plan.

Using gelli prints, magazine images, the aforementioned words and washi tapes, I decorated alphabet index card guides(3x5). 

index guides a-d

I put them into an altered metal file box, which has been hanging around the studio just gathering dust. 

  magic word keeper

I love words, so having these jewels neatly stored away will make finding the perfect one(s) a lot easier.  And now this pretty box is useful too ;-)

 voila the perfect place to keep words

What's your current creative addiction/obsession?  Share if you dare...

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Monthly ATC display

Hello friends, 

Despite my long absence, I've managed to keep my hands dirty and the creativity flowing!  I set myself a goal for 2015 to make an Artist Trading Card each day and I hang each one throughout the month in the picture frame you see below.

Displayed April ATCs 

I use what's hanging around the studio and give myself the freedom to experiment, on a very small "canvas"(2.5" x 3.5"), but it's a lot of FUN!  I go with the flow, no judgement, just a free play attitude... 


I do a lot of collage with words clipped from magazines.

Look ATC

Experimenting with cruciform composition inspired by the workshop I took last month with Jane Davies.  If you like making abstract art, I highly recommend checking out Jane's blog (collage journey's) and classes!

Black, white and red

A horizontal collaged cruciform study on ATC.

Cruciform ATC

Every ATC gets my "signature" with date, number of 365 and some even get named :)

Back of ATC

At the end of the month, I gather cards together, rubber band them and stow them in a fancy shoe box...

4 months of ATCs 

Looking at the ALL of them at years end will be lots of FUN.  Life can be crazy busy and overwhelming at times BUT art and making things help put it all into perspective...  

2015 ATCs box

I encourage you to find what you love, then GO do it!  


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Feeling Inspired

I managed NOT to rush this week's Inspiration Wednesday AND get it done in one day!  

And it all started with Donna's fabulously FUN video, this photograph and the KEY TO THOUGHTS page.


It's a fairly monochromatic art journal page for me, but pushing beyond my norm is how I'm approaching Inspiration Wednesdays.  I like how it came out and was happy to use stuff that's been hanging around for a long time.

full spread

There's black lace, a gray tag, a fabric remnant, and book text over some gorgeous texture.  The texture was done with molding paste and some glazing of sap green and gray.

left page

This photo caught my eye because of the telephone pole practically coming out of that man's head :)

right page

You can see a bit of the texture on the page in this photo of my gray hole(not to be confused with a brown hole)!  Tag texture was achieved by crumpling it up a few times and spraying with water then I used some green glaze to mess it up some more.  

gray hole :)

So glad I didn't rush this page and will be waiting for the next Inspiration Wednesday installment patiently ;)

Are you playing along with Donna Downey too?  I am enjoy seeing all the fabulous art that is being shared on the Facebook page, it's inspirational...

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Trying to slow down

I could rush out a blog post every day...but why, to what end?  Nervous Breakdown Town or Cranky City is where I'd end up!  I'm closing in on 52 this year and realize I NEED to slow down.  Also hoping to drop persistent perfectionistic tendencies too.  (more on that, later in this post)

UNIQUE Inspiration Wednesday Journal page (before)

2014 was a busy, full and good year for me.  A bit too busy with work and not enough time set aside by me for exercise and beneficial activities.  I rarely rode my beloved bike (gasp), which I greatly missed.  I skipped art journaling for a major part of the year, a vital therapeutic necessity for me.  My 67 words, a weekly challenge, was more of an anchor than a fun thing to do.  

2015 butterfly inclusion (before)

2015 for me will be about fun, doing more things I enjoy, laughing more, pausing frequently and taking more time to create ART :)

I am taking a year long art journaling class with Donna Downey, called Inspiration Wednesday.  Every other week Donna shares a video of her art journaling process with lots of humor, info and FUN.  I love her style and vowed to work more slowly in my handmade inspiration journal. 

Be(e) before

 All the while, inside of me a hyper hamster pushed for speed and perfection.

The bee you see above no longer looks like that because of my haste.  Actually the entire 1st layout is now muddy and dull looking.  (see below)  


Be(e) (after)

Unique always (after)

I loved the way the spread came out initially!  Never having used glazing medium before I was really pleased with what I'd done on the first try.

You might ask, what the heck happened?   My journal would not lie flat when closed, SO I smooshed it between 2 very heavy books and left it to straighten up and flatten out.  OY!  Honestly, sometimes I baffle myself with the ridiculous things I do.  (Many layers of wet media didn't have enough drying time)

Next day, I pull out my now flat inspiration Wednesday journal, ah I've bent it to my will!  BUT the pages stuck together with some minor tearing of paint layers.  ***Here's where I'd like to go back to the past and just stop myself from "fixing" it!***
Not going to bore you with my attempts to repair damage done, I'm pretty sure you can see the differences between before and after pictures.

I've considered taking the journal apart, replacing the page and remaking it.   But I am leaving it alone.

The page stands as a reminder to slow down and let it be.  That may be the BEST thing I can see each time I open my inspiration journal!

My Inspiration Journal

It won't be easy to slow down...

Wish me luck :)