Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Stoic (#51)

This handsome devil should be in the dictionary under the word stoic!  LOL

A Gessoed map makes the base of this art journal page with the stoic man framed by green washi tape.  

a stoic gentleman

Old book paper was used to make #51 and STOIC stand out from the washi tape frame.

Stoic is #51 of 67 words and this page gets me closer to finishing the challenge.

serious eyes

Do you use photographs in YOUR art journals?  Sometimes the photo is the jumping off point for my art journaling and other times its the crowning touch :)


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Any occasion (#52)

Marco believes ANY occasion is an accordion occasion...

This tag started with an image transfer of "Marco", isn't he great?  He plays right to the photographer.  I love his eyes, such passion and connection with the audience!  

Marco the accordion player

Around the tape transfer I added a black and white striped Washi tape which mimics the stripes of his shirt.  Then a blue and white arch design Washi tape pulling the blue of the accordion forward.  

Sometimes simply framing a great photo makes the image more powerful...

Occasion #52 tag

15 more words to go on my 67 words challenge and I'm glad I didn't quit it :)

Are you working on resolutions for 2015, to start or stop something? 

I believe that planning positive changes will help banish the negatives, so I'm trying to phrase the goals and resolutions toward accomplishment rather than using "stop that" mentality.  The more focus on the positive, for me yields happier life results.

Just me thinking out loud again.

Have a great day friends!

Slumber (#50)

This art journal spread started with white Gesso over both pages, smeared with a palette knife.  Once dry, I used colored pencils and followed the lines and ridges left by the uneven Gesso.  Then I found the dog photo and the colors went so well with the rainbow that I just had to glue it down.

Still working to catch up on my 67 words challenge and I came up with the line, Sandy settles for a slumber (#50) beneath a rainbow.  Cute + corny = just my style :)

sweet Sandy art journal spread

In this latest journal, I'm including the day of the week and date stamp on each page.  I've cut them from old calendars and keep them on my workbench.  Do you date/sign your work?



Here's a closer look at my doodled page...

I love alliteration

For the lettering I used a paint brush and black Gesso, it works much better over the rough page than pens and markers. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Dock (#48)

Happy Monday friends!

I've been thinking about the challenges I set for myself in 2014, 67 words, the Documented Life Project and daily art journaling...and I've honestly considered not finishing them.  BUT then I realized I really WANT to finish the 67 words challenge and I'll see how the rest goes :)

Setting goals for 2015, I'm going to try taking fewer online classes and practice all the stuff learned in 2014 classes.  Have you thought up any goals for the coming year?  

In the weeks ahead, I'll get this 67 word challenge finished, not because I have to but because I WANT to!!!

weathered dock

For now, let's escape to a warmer place and time...

move in a little closer now :)

Wellfleet Harbor in the summertime never fails to make me smile.

Docked fishing boats

You can feel the warm summer sun, can't you?!

small pier = dock to me

The colorful boats and clear blue water beckon us to remember Summer days.

a docked Artemis

Hope you are doing some things you LOVE to do during this holiday season!


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lollipop guild (#47)

Getting back to my 67 word challenge with #47 guild.  The one idea that kept popping up was the Lollipop Guild from the Wizard of Oz :)  Made these ATCs with acrylic inks and a white uni-ball Signo pen.  

artist trading cards

The lollipop prince was cut from another card, so he pops a bit off the ATC.  Crowns of silver and gold adorn these royal lollies.

King and prince lollipop

Letting red and white inks mix and run is how the head developed and I used another cutout to form the eye.

alien lollipop

This background started as a mix of inks that failed as a lolly but these cutouts POP off of it!  

colorful lollies

From this picture you can't see the great shimmer of the light blue ink, but in person they just "sing"!  

blue crew choir

A box of ATC blanks sits on the desk in my studio, ready to be transformed...

Next up on the 67 words list is dock #48.