Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The JOY of Inspiration Wednesday!

I am enjoying Inspiration Wednesday 2016 so, so, so MUCH!  

The skyline of buildings was mono printed onto a transparency film, allowed to dry then adhered onto the page with gel medium.  I absolutely love the black buildings against yellow ombre sky.    


After making many mono prints on transparencies, I got brave and printed directly into my journal with white ink.  These white buildings pop on the ombre Paynes gray sky.

Live and love life inspired.  

LIFE Inspired

What a fun way to use up old transparencies.  One idea, crazy at it seems initially, leads to another.  How awesome is that?!    

mono print on transparency

Fortunately my art journal isn't too, rounded or thick yet so printing in it was doable.  I actually like how the buildings on right hand side didn't print as well as on left side.  Perfection is overrated:)  

mono print on art journal page

The contrasting colors, texture and energy of this spread just makes me so freaking happy.  Exploring new ideas and jumping at the chance to TRY things is what art journaling is all about for ME.  Not every spread turns out this nicely but I learn something EVERY single time...

full art journal spread

If you have any interest in art journaling at all, take a look here.  $35 for fresh inspiration every other Wednesday is such a bargain.  Donna's encouraging and fun style has me approaching these Wednesdays with a whole new attitude! 

Find what makes your heart sing and go do it.  


Monday, February 8, 2016

Macro Monday 2

Looking for macro subjects and taking these pics inspires me!  

I love the bold colors and crackled texture on this vintage tin.

Nestle cocoa tin graphic 

A dark seed pod against a snowy backdrop-this is my favorite of this group.

cone flower pod 

Popcorn makes me happy.

pretty popcorn

If this old bureau could speak...

brass key hole

Sometimes mono printing yields lots of colorful papers and if I'm lucky a cool print like this :)

b&w mono print

Have a great week ALL!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

What's black and white and red all over?

My art journal pages, that's what.  

On this page, I pounced (with a cosmetic sponge) white paint over the heart snowflake and then sprayed red over it after shifting "stencil" slightly.  I like the white shadow effect.

golden snowflake ties page together

Here you see 2 snowflakes layered atop a stenciled page.  The challenges of using a spray ink over snowflake stencils were my over spraying habit and the flakes don't lay flat.  But I think they'd be great for mono printing :)

The red label says SNOWFLAKES AS STENCILS!!!

layered snowflakes

Here's the full spread, I really like this color combination.  What's your favorite color combo?!  On the left page, you can see the negative and positive stenciling and smudges from my over spray behind and around layered snowflakes. 

full spread

An art journal is a fabulous place to experiment and preserve memories of lessons learned.  I'm really excited to see how mono printing with recycled snowflakes goes!  Will share what happens with that here soon.  Peace 

Monday, February 1, 2016

#snowflakes2016 Recap

For my friends who follow me on Instagram...thanks for your feedback and support.  All the snowflakes I made in January can be seen here.

a flurry of snowflakes

Some things I learned during this challenge.

1. I love purple snowflakes

6 sided flake

2. There are lots of different kinds of papers snowflakes can be made of but white printer paper is easiest to cut.

3. Cutting snowflakes requires sharp scissors otherwise the paper tears.

4. I really LOVE having a heart design in my snowflakes.

sparkling gold 8 sided beauty

5. I am NOT disappointed that so few real flakes flew this past month :)

6. I'll be using some of the sturdier paper flakes as stencils soon.  I just love finding another use for recycled stuff!   

7.  I did get tired of making snowflakes by week 4 but glad I finished the challenge.

8. Google is a great source for free snowflake patterns...if you have paper, scissors, time and interest...see what you can create!

I'm making something heart themed every day in February, so if you want to join in or simply see what I do check out #heartmonth16 on Instagram.  

Thanks for dropping by the mustard blog,

Saturday, January 30, 2016

More art journal pages

It's been a busy art journaling week in the mustard studio...

BALANCE was done with recycled papers cut into letters glued over a background of black gesso, spray paints and inks through letter and number stencils and 2 small snowflakes.  Can you see the snowflakes?!

All about BALANCE

"A" made from used Java Stop punch cards :)

punched coffee cups

"B" is for BALANCE...aren't we all seeking this?

Silver tea packet

"C" is for card...who remembers when every library book had a paper card in it?  I do!!!

old library card

This page(woman mono print) in my junque art journal demanded a simple finish so I used hardware store letter stickers and spelled out CAN DO.

CAN DO woman

This next spread in my Inspiration Wednesday journal was so much fun to put together with rusty brown, blues and of course lovely TEXTURE.  If you are interested in seeing some fun videos done by Donna Downey, the genius behind Inspiration Wednesday check out her YouTube channel here.   

Inspiration Wednesday wk 2

"Believe you can and enjoy life" was created by rubber stamping the letters over a page that started off with paint colors leftover on a palette.  The paints were smooshed onto a journal page(manila file) and finished with a brown glaze. Glazing really shows off the texture and gives the page dimension and energy.  

smoosh journal page 

Do you have any creative plans this weekend?!  As I finish up my snowflake daily challenge, I'm already thinking about trying to make some assemblage art. Here's hoping I make something worth sharing ;-)

Thanks for dropping by the mustard blog today!  Peace