Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cool down

With August here and Summer waning, I am attempting many new things and trying to be perfect at tons of new stuff.  Why do I do that?  Do you do that, too?  I really don't even believe in "perfect" and yet I stress myself out, being harsh and unrealistic with my expectations. 

So, today I am taking a mental break and relaxing outside on this sparkling day.  It's cooled off quite a bit and the skies are blue with white puffy clouds and there's a gentle breeze ringing the wind chimes.  Lunch will be eaten out on the deck and Bailey will beg for a nibble and all the rest can wait! 

What are you doing today?  I hope you get a bit of quiet time to just breathe in some peaceful, loving thoughts for yourself.

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  1. I wish that I had as "ambitious" a day of relaxation in store for me. Keep the updates coming, time permitted. The "techies" in the family won't disparage, at least this one, as I have neither the desire nor the desire to blog or criticize anyone who chooses to do so.

    Love from the south


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