Saturday, September 18, 2010


Summer is over, kids will tell you that, with homework assignments, projects and no more do "nothing" days left, now that school has started.  But what about us grown ups?  Do you notice the changes, cooler air, leaves tinged with gold and orange?  Even mown grass smells different to me, warmer somehow.  Can you feel a difference?  

It could be that I've spent too much time on our front porch this Summer, you know the heat can do strange things.  Or maybe the change isn't just happening to the seasons but to me too.  We have a table on the front porch and I have enjoyed this spot more than ever before.   Reading and writing here; I have heard bird songs, cars speed past our drive, smelled hot asphalt roofing and wondered where everyone is going in such a rush. 

I am fortunate in many ways to be able to sit here and slowly sip my morning coffee and listen to birdsongs.  I know that.  I hope you have some time to enjoy your cup of coffee or tea. 

Oh my, a pilated woodpecker just landed on my maple tree, if only I had my camera!

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