Thursday, September 23, 2010

Home Sweat/Sweet Home

Yes, anyone whose every owned a home knows there's a lot of sweat involved in keeping it SWEET.  We haven't painted our house in many years and it looked really bad, but it looked even worse after the new roof went up.  Yikes. 

So, this really great guy spent an entire vacation week painting it for us, so we could, once again look with pride at our beautiful home.  My husband, who shall until such time as I come up with a better moniker will be referred to as JB, painted the E-N-T-I-R-E house. 

Hooray for JB!  The whole place without using a sprayer.   Amazing.  For some reason I cannot understand why, which was a quiet bone of contention between us all week, he did not use the sprayer we bought for this exact purpose?!  Paint over the bucket or something like that.   
Home Sweet Home

This is the house we built together over 25 years ago, newly painted. 

This is N-O-T the picture I wanted to post but I spent way too much time trying to retrieve the one I had specially edited. Maybe next time.

Anyway, I am off to enjoy this glorious Autumn day. Hope you have great one! Peace

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