Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just wondering

Bailey wants to know if you have any special pets in your life?  I'm curious too.  We're also wondering if you let your pets get on the furniture?  Bailey loves hogging the entire loveseat and misses sleeping on our bed.  You see, my mother made me the most beatiful quilt and well now Bubba is banned.  Would you let your pet sleep on this?

The tag says: For my daughter Donna, with pride, gratitude and all my love.  It is a work of art and I love it!  The color in the middle is white and on the outside is a black patterned fabric, so from white to black and warm colors all the way through, it is magnificent!  Thanks Mom.  Sorry Bailey. 

My Mom tried to teach me sewing in the mid 70's, but she did all the hard parts and threaded the machine, so really I didn't learn much and the language has always eluded me.  I actually prefer hand sewing, where I don't have to worry about the needle running over a finger or something jamming up the bobbin or, or, or...  I use fabric in assemblage art pieces as tied ribbons, or vintage fabric yoyo's to add another layer beneath rhinestone jewels, and occasionally I break out my Brother to sew stuffed hearts, but a quilt is way beyond my skill level.  Do you sew, quilt, paint, knit, embroider?  Color me curious.


  1. I enjoyed your blog and will check it out as often as I sign on. I am very proud of my talented daughter. I posted the last on my facebook page. Check it out, Love MOM

  2. It is a truly beautiful quilt. Ryan and I held it up so she could get a picture for her Facebook album. It should keep you WARM as well. And no, I would not let "Bubba" sleep on it. LOL. Rich

  3. Wow that is gorgeous!!!! Seems that you and I are in the same boat, lol. Both our Mom's can sew (my mom makes clothes, curtains, and anything else you can do on a machine) but we learned very little. I had to laugh when you mentioned she threaded the machine, mine did the same thing! I have a brand new 3-4 year old sewing machine still in the box that I never try to use because I don't understand how to thread it! It's funny how we have opposite talents, she can't knit or crochet to save herself, and I can't sew anything but a straight line, and not very well. Aren't Mom's great? And I agree no pups on the quilt! Heck I wouldn't even let my husband on it!


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