Friday, September 24, 2010

Serendipity Friday

It's Autumn in New England and I just had to go out and capture some of this natural beauty.  So I drove where ever my little heart wanted.  Most of the trees haven't changed yet, but these maples sure shouted "look at us!"  Don't you think?  
I took back roads and explored places I'd always wanted to go.  And found this sweet farmstand with pumpkins, gourds, squash, corn stalks, straw, and one of my favorite Fall things, indian corn.  Their colors are just amazing. Because I asked, the farmer told me his favorite squash was butternut.  Mine is buttercup, 'cuz my Dad grew it and Mom would bake it in the oven with butter and brown sugar.  Yum, yum.    
Connecticut River

I discovered this little reserve along the Connecticut River and know I'll be returning as the leaves start changing more.   I bet the foliage will be breathtaking, in just a little while longer.  If I hadn't taken that little side street I wouldn't have known this place was here!  


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  1. The typical New England picture almost made me homesick for Fall, however, what comes next ie.. is snow and cold and don't like that. You are getting better uploading pics, I see. You go girl, Luv Mom


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