Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wild Turkeys

From the front porch this morning we (Bailey, house painting husband and I) spied 3 turkeys in Bingham's meadow.  Luckily, today I had my camera, so I slowly reached as I slid my chair back, but between the scraping of chair and Bailes thundering off after them, no pictures.

Capturing photos of fauna around here is very rare.  These are wild animals I'm talking about after all...  

Somewhere I have pics of turkeys grazing outside our bedroom window but with the screen in, well let's just say I haven't acquired the neccessary photo shop skills yet to make them worth sharing.  And I'd have to find them, too.  

We've seen lots of animals in our yard over our 25 years (WOW) here.  Many of which I've taken photos of through screened windows.  Maybe I'll remove screens AND wash the windows!  Do you think that would help? 

Front yard fauna

squirrel (Reddog watches silently from kitchen window for hours)
black bear (once and Bailey freaked out, never heard that bark before)

Our neighbors have 3 outside cats who hunt and leave dead things around, so I count them as wild.

And the cows came 25 years ago, right after the foundation hole had been dug and they didn't belong here, so on the list.

I love living here!   

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