Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pictures of Mosaic Flowerpot

 Step 1 - Gathered all the kit stuff together + 1 flowerpot to "mosaicify".  A blank pot and no plan, except does it look like enough tiles to cover it? 
 Step 2 - Bring out some of those (round) glass beads, then figure out where to start.  And don't let tile nippers intimidate you.  It's really easy to break them and loads of fun too!

Step 3 - I started at the top, not wanting to work against gravity or something like that.  The adhesive was very thick and hard to squeeze from bottle.  Otherwise, just stuck pieces on pot in pleasing positions. 

Step 4 - Stick on more glass beads and tiles until most of the surface is covered.  I just love the structured look of the top and the randomness of the bottom part!  It was really fun to do.

Finished flowerpot
Step 5- Grout the flowerpot.  It was a lot of fun and the finished pot now holds all my paint brushes. 

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