Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cookie Cutter Chaos

Baking, I love it, if only I could find my cookie cutters. 

I had them all together in a zipper bag the Sunday after Thanksgiving? 

Where could they be?  I muttered at first to myself as I opened drawers, searched  cupboards, up and down stairs and back through ALL the Christmas boxes.  No luck anywhere.  With each failed attempt, I got a bit louder and more frustrated.  Even got teen-boy offering me a hug?!  Yep, I can get myself pretty worked up.

I made a batch of cinnamon ornaments I found here.  That's what I wanted cutters for, but I did find mini cutters, so I used them.  They smell great and look oh so cute when tied with ribbons to holiday packages. 

Then I baked some "cakies" (chocolatey, cake-like cookie) nibbled on one and froze the rest.  It's a Weight Watcher recipe (1 point) totally delicious BIG cookies, so good I must hide them from my cookie monsters.

In order to appease the cookie gremlins, I had them each make a batch of pudding cookies.  A very easy recipe brought home after Middle School cooking classes, written out step by step and yet.  Kitchen chaos.   Fun and I (mostly) stayed out of it.  Kids cookies came out great!

So, despite my frantic cookie cutter searching, washing lots of dishes, and eating too much dough, I STILL love baking!

Found my cutters last night, after all...   

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