Thursday, December 16, 2010

Walking the Mall

Baby it is COLD outside.  It hurts to breathe, windy, bone chilling, tears in your eyes kind of cold.  Bailey's going stir crazy because none of us wants to go walk her "out there?!"  Poor her...  JB's car door froze up and it wouldn't close!  Had to blow dry the latch thingy.  

We just bought an elliptical trainer so we could exercise in comfort of the basement.  After using it for a couple days, my legs turned to rubber and refused to climb downstairs or up on it.  So I decided to walk my local Mall.

It's a safewarm  place to walk in wintertime.  The people and things, sights, smells and sounds "at the mall" this time of year, are interesting for a people watcher like me. 

I saw an automatic donut flipper, at a new place, selling mini donuts and coffee, that honestly smelled like heartburn.  Nifty gadget, I'll pass on the donuts.

A bearded man, who carried a pink bag in one hand and a red one in the other.  Do you think he might've been Santa Claus?  I smiled as I passed him, just in case:)

Another person of interest, was a man who's been working at the Mall since it opened many years ago.  Thom McCann shoes is the first place I spied him.  I think of him as some sort of super hero "Mallman".  I am uncertain which store our hero works now, but I saw him this morning.  He's changed a bit over the years, his once dark hair, now gray and receding, different eye glasses, a little thicker around the middle, but smiling amidst all the frenetic shoppers and sales people. 

Anything interesting happening at your Mall?  Or are you avoiding the Mall and doing all your shopping online?  



  1. We don't have an inside mall close by as many of them have dwindled away to open strip malls, so you go in and out into the cold. Oh, how I miss the 1 mall stay warm concept.

    Thanks for popping by and commenting about your Dad's ornaments. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Oh I'm definitely avoiding the malls right now because they are packed with people. I believe you might just have spotted Santa shopping for Mrs. Claus though :) It is bone chilling cold here as well and my car windows won't open. My new elliptical machine is wondering when it will ever get Have a wonderful Christmas!

    Sandy xox

  3. i came back from walking the mall this am. Have been doing this in the winter for the past 3 years. Boring but feels great when finished. Listen to a lot of books on my ipod and Denn walks with me occasionally (he got me started and now I'm addicted!


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