Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Beauty of Winter

Gentle, Open, Aware Bracelet

Here in New England, we grumble a lot about cold weather, snow, ice, and being cooped up inside, but me, I take a different approach...I get busy!

I made this bracelet with Vintaj(company name)stuff found at A.C. Moore.  Except for actual vintage lace pieces and words from an old dictionary.  Wearing it reinforces my goals for this year.  Do you like it?

Libby made this cool sign for my studio, she's taking Spanish 2 this year, so I asked her what yellow is and she said "amarillo"!  I like the name Estudio Amarillo, but I love that she made this for me all on her own!  And she recycled this piece of cardboard.  Thanks Libs. 


This is what it looked like here yesterday morning.  Everything coated with ice.  Pretty, huh? 

Despite the yuck, I've been out and about taking pictures with my DSLR.  I only know a small portion of all the things it can do, but I love it!  


Funny thing happened just before I took this picture, walked out of a snowshoe and landed on my posterior.  Ha!   

Did I mention how much I heart my camera?

My (once) least favorite season is showing me ALL it's beautiful potentialities!

What's happening in your neighborhood?


  1. Looks like Lizzy has lots of her mother's talent. Brrrr, it looks so cold outside. We hit 70 here and had a beautiful sunshiny day. I spent most of it at Tai Chi and PT. Keep smiling and God Bless
    Love MOM or PUM

  2. Oops nothing is worse than cold wet! You sure did get lots of snow. I love your bracelet! Thanks for the congrats! Sandy xox


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