Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life is good...

Just some random bits of good news to share today!  And proud mother stuff too... 

Libby, my sweet girl, had 4 premolars extracted last Tuesday, had orthodontic wires put back on Friday, teeth are moving where they belong quickly.  All handled by her without whining or complaining.  Amazing!  She's wrapping up mid-terms this week and entering the second 1/2 of Junior year in High School.
I am so very proud of all she's accomplished ;D

Will, my man/boy, got a perfect score on a History Benchmark exam!  His teacher, called at 5PM to share the great news with us. And despite nearly freezing to death at the bus stop yesterday (sub bus driver got lost!), he went to school and said very little about it last night.  Before I drove him to school, he was looking up "frostbite" on his ipod!  He enjoys reading non-fiction and has learned sooo much by researching items of interest online.  I am constantly amazed by all the information and things you know, keep it up Will XD 

After my Dad passed almost 2 years ago, I worried about my Mom living alone in Florida, with family so far away.  There were some days during the 1st year, that were really rough for her.  Fortunately for my peace of mind and Mom's benefit, she has several amazingly generous, kind and loving friends; they helped her through some really tough times.  I am so fortunate to know them all and now, they're like a second family for Mom and me.  I'd just like to say a HUGE thankyou to ALL of them!  You guys R-O-C-K! 

For Mom, who is the strongest woman I know, I am so thankfull(not a typo) that you're mine!  Glad that I could be there for Dad and YOU, like you've ALWAYS been there for me.  I just have one question, where's my pocketbook?  Ha, ha...

Last ,but DEFINITELY not least, my husband Jeff...  Wow, your patience and perseverance paid off, my fine "FELLOW"!  Okay dear, I'm done with that joke. I promise!  After much hard work and dedication to Science and ingenuity, Solutia has made Jeff a Fellow!   I am so proud and happy for all you've accomplished!  A humongous HIP, HIP, HOORAY for you!!!  And always LOVE...

Peace and good things to you always,



  1. I'm adding my congrats to all of you Hurlbuts including you Donna, for all you have accomplished. As you noted, I haven't had the time to package the things I want to mail. Keep the faith, they will surprise you when you least expect them. Love Mom


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