Saturday, January 15, 2011

Open! 3 of 3


The final word for me in 2011 is open.  

Sharing is a kind of opening and partly why I started this blog.  

A lot like aware, I know but for me just being open to opportunities and possibilities. Really allowing myself to dream and try things out, before dismissing them.
Stopping the negative thoughts like, "oh I can't do that!" or "well I'm not an artist!" or "why would anyone be intersted in my ideas?".  

Do you do this sort of thing?

I see open, aware, and gentle as synergistic goals for 2011.  Already noticing positive reactions in my family by thinking, speaking and acting with "gentle" "open" "aware" in mind.              
Belt buckle O

Open window N with shutters 

I've really enjoyed making these collages which hang in my kitchen, as reminders to make 2011 a happy, fulfilling year!

Do you have a word or resolution for 2011?  Perhaps a dream you'd like to share...

Open to hearing,

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  1. Wow, you sure do make a mother proud. I love reading your blogs. I only wish you had a larger audience. I will have to give the address to Nel and company. Keep up the good work. god has surely blessed you with much talent. Love MOM


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