Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"That Job" Wednesday

This morning, I noticed 2 men atop a snowy, icicle covered roof, shoveling it off.  1st thought was, "what the heck are they doing up there?"   2nd thought, "hope they don't fall!"  Then as I glanced groundward, I saw 3 men gearing up to join the roof shovelers, topside.  I realized they were roofers and thought to myself, "glad I don't have to do "that job" today!"

I didn't stop to take a picture for fear my stopping might distract them and someone might fall.  Seems to me, roofers have it rough here in New England, cold weather or hot, humid weather, waaay up high.  

My fear of heights keeps my feet planted firmly on the ground.  And ALL the roofs around here look like the bird house above.  Slippery, cold, and dangerous.  Wonder what their insurance costs?!

Would you want to do that job?  Today?  Here?  Ever?

Think I'll highlight various jobs folks do as I see them here, on Wednesdays.  Maybe even mention specific people who work hard and deserve kudos they rarely get.  Yep, I like it!  What do you think?

Do you have a job you L-O-V-E?   Or H-A-T-E?  

I'd love to hear about what you do!?

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  1. I remember thinking the same thoughts when Dad came home on cold or very hot days as a cable splicer with the Phone company. God bless those people who do those very necessary jobs.

  2. What a wonderful tribute to Dad. He was such a faithful husband and partner in life as well as a devoted father. He wanted to do the best job of parenting that he could and he was immensely proud of each of his children. I need to add those photos to the little album you gave me, they capture his essence beautifully.

    Love Mom


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