Thursday, February 10, 2011

Close-up valentine decorations

Still learning how to use my camera and put up posts, so please bear with me.  I made a lot of my tags with recycled clothing tags. 

This heart I made last year, I still think it's missing something...

What do you think?

pumpkin tag

paper mache heart

yoyo, paper flowers,
tea stained doily pieces and purple jewel.

pink buttons, doilies, ribbon, pink lace, pretty little girl, corrugated cardboard and sparkly heart, old dictionary paper, pink acrylic paint.

Pink tag was made from shoe box with large
eyelet in it.  I just cut it into a huge tag.

back of tag

Alrighty, this is all I can share for now.  More to follow as time permits.


  1. The heart needs something all around the edges to define it's edges and make it "pop". That's a quilting term. Something black would work, something small but defining. Like a black line around a figure in a painting. Hope this helps. All of you creations are unique and lovely.

  2. Thanks Mom, I'll see what I can whip up from my stash of goodies. I am inspired by your genius!


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