Monday, February 21, 2011

Gardening anyone?

I have a serious case of Spring fever. It hit during the 3rd big snowstorm, I think?!

Between storms, I hit the local Christmas Tree Shop and got 11 packets of herb seeds. I've got basil, thyme, dill, rosemary, lavender and more.

I just love the smell of earth!  Above, I reused several of these quart containers which once held local blueberries. 

A big metal tray once my sweet father-in-law's(Ken), holds all my planted seeds.  In our sunny front window, sits my mini herb garden, upon the solid cherry table my dear Dad made.  He was and amazing gardener!  

Dad always said herbs were easy to grow.  Hoping he was right about that!

Are you planning a garden this year?

What kinds of things do you grow?

Do tell...    

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  1. That's a great way to bring the Spring indoors!I am waiting 'til we remove the swing set before we plant a huge veggie garden :) I'm glad you like my studio!!


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