Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Hello, how are you?

I've been busy cleaning the house.  And that can be an all consuming task around here, with 2 teenagers and 1 very furry red dog!  Instead of dust kitties, we have dust puppies...

There is NO way I'll be inside when Spring finally arrives!  And with all the snow and cold weather, I've gotten a bit stir-crazy, so cleaning is my therapy.

Bailey misses her daily walks and so do I.  There's too much snow between here and Bingham's Meadow, so we're all stuck inside, me cleaning, Bales shedding and teenagers leaving empty boxes in cupboards?! 

Does anybody do that in your house?  Doesn't it just make your blood boil?

Oh well, some day I'm sure I'll look back and laugh, just not today.

Working on ideas for decorating in March, thinking of using my teapot collection together with the new tea cups and saucers I scored at my Goodwill  today!  

I'll share some pics of my new tea cups and some of my latest finds from the Christmas Tree Shops soon.  Until then watch out for the dust puppies;D 

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