Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thanks to Jennie's move

So my secret to feeling MUCH less pain and actually feeling energetic is...

Drum roll please...

Thai Massages given by the "most magnificent" Nicole at Serene Spa!

I'd never heard of it until Melanie(sweet receptionist) described it as a "stretching massage" and I thought (of all the options presented) this could work.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained...

After the 1st session in December, I'll admit to being sore for a few days(this is not unusual when doing ANY new activity with Fibromyalgia) and some of it could have been prevented IF I'd just let Nicole know some stretches were too much for me. 

A week or so later, I realized my constant state of "feeling tired 'round the clock" was G-O-N-E. 

Over 20 years of that feeling my friends and now I am mentally and physically energetic!

Last Friday I had another session with Nicole AND I communicated when something was too much, she'd adjust stretch or pressure and I felt awesome when I left there!  Energetic, happy and strong!  I am thrilled to pieces to find something that works way better than, drugs, heating pads, rubs, and strong pain pills.

So I must say a MAJOR thank you to my "oh so fabulous" hairdresser, Jennie, for moving from a salon just down the street to Serene Spa in Holyoke.

Initially I did not want to trek (one whole city over) to Holyoke and will admit to getting lost for our 1st appointment, but it was sooo worth it!  Many, many thanks to JENNIE and EVERYONE at Serene Spa for making us look and feel GREAT! 
Jennie drying Libby's hair straight

Libby inside Serene Spa

This is one very happy customer


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  1. Isn't Nicole amazing? She is really talented. I had a ten minute chair massage from her before a treatment and it was shockingly good.

    So great to hear someone else sing her praises


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