Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday greetings

Well, it's Friday again...

And you may wonder where I've been?!

I've been busy with the teens home for school vacation, making myself walk regularly and the chores of LIFE

Creating stuff in my studio by participating in a postcard swap that sweet Natalea of kandeland hosted.  I sent out a dozen hand crafted cards and am now receiving that many from across America and a couple from Canada too. 

I love snail mail that ISN'T bills!

And changing things up on the mustard blog, too.  Do you like it?

What have you all been up to? 

My friend Sandy of Sandy's Creations started a new cooking blog called cooking my way through dolce vita, all mouth wateringly delicious Italian foods.  If you get the chance check out her blogs.  She's been so kind and encouraging to me and I know you all will like her too.

Today I am very thankful for my massage therapist, the most amazing NICOLE at Serene Salon and Spa!  After getting my hair cut by the ever fabulous Jenny, Nichole gave me a rejuvenating, relaxing, revive-if-ying Thai massage!  Thanks so, so much Nicole.  I feel much better now.  You are the B-E-S-T!!!

Finally, I want to wish you all a Happy EASTER weekend!!!



  1. I was worried about you! Glad to know you were out living it up! That massage sounds amazing! The Mustard is looking dyn-o-mite! I've been changing mine up a bit too.

    Have a happy Easter!!!! Now I'm going over to look at some of the good life on your friend's blog!

  2. Aww you are so sweet for mentioning my blog! I just loved your post card!! I'm glad you got pampered! It will be my turn next week when I get a nice pedicure..tee,hee!

    Sandy xox


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