Friday, June 17, 2011

Mixed media pics for Mandy

This clipboard is covered with squares punched from security envelopes, you know the ones they send BILLS in.  Really like the irony of turning trash into ART. 

Then I painted it with acrylic paints and scraped some gesso in places.

Next added Scrabble tiles spelling CREATE out in my own "unique" way, a cloth rosette, pink leather flower and brass brad head 

Finally spelled out EVERY and DAY, painted them and outlined with black Sharpie.

This piece sits on my workbench in my studio, a gentle reminder.

My ART/BELIEVE piece below is very special for me...

Side Art-combination of old blocks, a thread bird's nest with stone eggs, hanging tea stained tag with postage stamp, "confidence" from old dictionary, black thumbtack, and tea stained lace all adhered with Aleene's tacky glue. 

Side Believe-covers blocks with a tea stained doily, purple punched circle, Believe, tea stained tag with opportunity from old dictionary and finally a blue "gem" from my junk jewelry stash.

I made this during Winter 09/10, after carving out a studio space for myself from a messy basement room.

It was the 1st Winter, in a very long time, I did NOT suffer from depression.  

By allowing myself a place and time to explore my artistic side, I discovered the artist within. 

...a powerful symbol for ME and my ART.


  1. What cool reminders! I had less depression as well- when I created an art room just for me. Art is definitely therapeutic!

  2. Oh Donna I LOVE these things! They are beautiful. I would never ever think of using the things that you s cleverly did! Really amazing, and I especially understand the personal meeting behind art work one has produced. My collage that I told you about is a personal reminder of what I pulled through also.

    You must be a blast to go to the flea market with! I will keep my eye out for little odd things you could use in your work.

    Thanks so much for sharing your work, I love it. (hugs)!

  3. Sandy, I used to do a lot of journal writing to help but the Art dimension helped even more. Hugs right back at you:D Moving into new home and still have time to comment, WOW...

    Mandy, So glad you liked these pieces, When I trust the process, just let go of critic, things come out the way they were meant to. Not everything is a success but even "failures" teach me something! lol. Hugz & many thanks dear one;D


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