Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crazy, lazy, hazy days of summer!

H-O-T!  Crazy hot dog!  This may be the only "bad" picture Bailey has ever taken. 

Even in this heat our 8 year old Irish Setter wants to P-L-A-Y, a whirling dervish, barking, running, and spinning like a puppy.

Fire pit hot.  Aluminum foil wrapped mini blueberry pies were baked, once the fire died down.  Close-up was unbearable, pulled back & mosquitoes attempted to carry us off,  inside the Oasis, just right!

Lazing in the Oasis, under an umbrella or floating on the water...Ah!

The boys enjoyed pooltime...

The girls did too...

We spied this spectacular SUNBOfrom the deck.  So beautiful!  All these photographs were captured and edited on my iPhone, which is always close at hand, easy to use and works as a phone too!  LOL 

Here in New England summer is fleeting, we absorb as much
sunshine, pooltime & fun as possible!  And that includes loads of
summer reading too...

Have you read anything good lately?? 
Or captured something interesting with your camera? 

Like this Pickup truck I captured while in Northampton???

Aptly named "PINKUP" & by far the cleanest truck I've ever seen.

Happy SUMMERTIME everyone!


  1. How dare you flash cylinder shaped objects with water in them on your blog!

    Looks like you are all having fun! When you go away can I stay at your house for vacation?? huh huh?

  2. Our houses in Dallas both had pools. I miss that so much. So I just don't leave my house right now. Donna, that sunbow (I've never heard of that before) is so beautiful and amazing! Good job catching it. Was it like that for long? I'm reading a Donna Leon mystery. She has like 20 in the series so I'm happy that I'm really liking it. Set in Venice! Ah...


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