Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Old Sturbridge Village

My family and I have been travelling back in time, to the 1830's, via Old Sturbridge Village's living history museum.  My Mom did a lot of Antiquing when I was growing up, so we visited OSV frequently, all of us learning a lot about New England living in 1830's.  

Recently they had a display of old quilts, which of course with Mom up North for a bit, we had to scope out. 

This display caught my attention, because I really connect with earthtones.

Here's another example of Yankee ingenuity, all piecing and quilting done by hand! 

This beauty had so many different shapes in it, we kept losing count of them all.  Suffice it to say, the thought of piecing it together was overwhelming.

After checking out the gorgeous quilts, we headed out to Freeman farm where recently 2 calves had been born! 

I'd like to introduce you to 13 day old Bonnie, snuggled up with
a friend.  Aren't they sweet together?  Turns out Bonnie's Momma
rejected her right off, so the great people at OSV have been caring for her.
I love this picture!

Libby, Mom and I visited just before the 4th of July and this is how the entrance looked.  Gorgeous and so patriotic.  Some year I'd like to celebrate the 4th there!  Just like it was done in 19th Century New England. 

Mom and Libby on the road leaving Freeman Farm.

Here's the potters kiln, which they use to fire pottery they make.  It gets very hot for the potter, during Summer firings of the kiln.  Not a place you want to hang around then...

This is a one room home built by OSV staff over several years.  Outside view.

During daytime the bed gets folded up against the wall, so there's more room to work.  Isn't that blue wallpaper gorgeous?  Well for the 1830's anyway!

We just missed the noon time meal and felt as if we were interrupting things in this cozy cottage. All the cooking was done in that fireplace with built in oven. 
And I complain about cooking in the heat during Summer, with all my fans and air conditioner blowing, I am wimpy compared to these folks! 

The stage coach traveling along town green.  Can you imagine life without cars?  Relying on horse or leg power to get everywhere, things sure have changed!

There is so much to see at Old Sturbridge Village, if you are ever in Central Massachusetts, stop in and step back to a simpler world.  Maybe I'll see you there.

Along with calves and lambs you can visit a cobbler, general store, blacksmith shop, cooper, sawmill, lumbermill, bank, farms, gardens, a church and private homes.  

Do you have a favorite place you return to again and again?  I hope so because special places and people make life interesting and HAPPY! 


  1. Oh I love this!!!! I would love to see this! But I'll tell you, your Mom's quilt beat the one in the picture hands down! Very cool. Looks like a place to look for ghosts, hee hee!

    We love Jim Thorpe, PA up near the Poconos. CUTE little town, history, main street, shops, etc. We stay the gorgeous restored Harry Packer Mansion. The have murder mystery weekends for up to 12 couples. It's a blast! We stayed there on our honeymoon, we got married on Halloween!

  2. I remember OSV and loved it. I loved seeing all these photos and remembering back when... Williamsburg, VA, is like this in a way (historical and very interesting). Great blog post! Thank you.


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