Saturday, July 30, 2011

The road less traveled

Libby's Rose of Sharon bush is flowering spectacularly now. 
Captured it's dewey beauty with my iPhone, this morning.
Didn't even notice the dew drops until I reviewed images.
This photo is unedited.

Here's another blossom and it reminds me of tropical
flowers seen on Bermuda.  It just doesn't look like something
that grows in weather persnickety New England!  
I did edit this one but think I prefer the 1st image above.
Which image do you prefer? 

So you may be wondering what's up with the blog title?!

Setting out this morning, I headed off toward Westfield
which continues to be plagued by perpetual road construction.
After a quick stop into my Goodwill store, I pointed my car
toward Southwick and happily left messiness and chaos behind!

And in Southwick across the street from a tobacco field, I discovered
a very charming Antique shoppe called Vintage Finds! 

I browsed the front porches and smiled to myself after spotting
a Sno-Glider sled propped there.  Yep, I had one of those as a
kid and I could see mine in memory, my name neatly printed
in Dad's distinct handwriting. 

My new oak and wicker
rocking chair, right at
home on our front porch.

Inside I found room upon room, of beautifully displayed vintage goodies.
Ah, sweet bliss, as I explored each room's offerings.  Neat, well-lit rooms
filled with furniture, books, radios(all repaired to working condition), tools,
jewelry, linens, lamps, old photographs, and many more fabulous finds! 

There are lots of Thrift Stores, Junque Shops and Antique Stores in 
Western Mass, but this place is unique, because it contains nice vintage items which are reasonably priced and clearly marked!  Woohoo, happy dance...


I found this fabulous "office outfit" in what I'd call the man room(loaded with tools, lacrosse stick, you know guy stuff).  Loaded with rubber stamp words,
letters, numbers, holders, tweezers and even the original stamp pad.  This
kit will be great, when working on mixed media ART projects.  Yeehaw!!!

Here's a close-up view of rubber word stamps.  Every part is in excellent condition and the box has metal pieces holding corners together.  So cool!
Have you made any exciting discoveries lately? 


So glad I took the road less traveled!




  1. Great finds, Queenie! The rocking chair is SO inviting! Have you ever been to George Washington's home (Mount Vernon) in VA? There's a huge porch that overlooks the Potomac and has tons of rocking chairs on it. I have always said I wanted to live right there! And your rubber stamp set is really cool! What a find!

  2. I've never been to Mt Vernon, but it sounds wonderful! Do you think they'd let us stay overnight? Bet there are some interesting spirits hanging out after dark!

  3. We'll let's see I found a dog hair in my coffee this morning!!!

    Love the chair!!!!! So awesome! And with that stamp kit you could do awesome anonymous serial killer ransom notes, very cool.

    Guess who?

  4. Ah yes An, dog hair in coffee is a regular occurence around here too. But what color was it?

    And my new chair is very comfortable. When you come to visit, you can try it out!

    Aren't those notes cut from newspapers and magazines? Definitely don't want to be one of those horrible people IF and WHEN I decide to grow up!!!

    And I guess Lady Merryland!!! hugs

  5. Well, I can certainly see that road is not being traveled at all lately! LOL 8/10

  6. I am in love with that gorgeous rocking chair and your porch!!!!!!


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