Friday, July 15, 2011

Twisty the clown

My Dad was a unique INDIVIDUAL.  Always learning, striving, stretching, reaching for answers, a consummate self-taught man, for sure! 

When he got interested in something, look out, stand back and get ready to
hear ALL about it. 

He spent a lot of time researching clowning...ballon twisting was one of his
favorite things he shared with his grandchildren.  Twisty was the name Dad chose for his clown name. 

Could be a grumpy old man, with good reason, considering the hand life dealt him.  One visit to Disneyworld, I got him a hat with Grumpy on it!  He wore that hat with pride, one of his favorites.  The Navy and NCIS caps close 2nd and 3rd.

He loved his wife, his CINDY dog and his 6 GRANDCHILDREN!

This was our last gathering on Sylvia Street, before Mom and Dad moved to Florida!  Dad made that swing, like lots of other things, meant to be enjoyed, meant to last...

So glad for photographs and memories of happy days!

We love you Dad!   


  1. It's nice that the apple didn't fall from the tree. Your clown costume is adorable and funny. You're so lucky you had such an awesome dad!

  2. Awww that is so nice! I love that family picture at the bottom, look at the grin on your face!!!! I love this post!

  3. Lucky you to have such a fun Dad! I guess now you have the perfect excuse to go down to Florida more often! Oh and the muffins only lasted 2! It must be funny hearring your kids speak gibberish ;)

    Sandy xox


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