Monday, September 19, 2011

Portland Memories

Happy accidental picture.

My idea for this journal gelled,after buying this license plate, then wondering what the heck I was going to do with it and finally realizing it could be 1st "page" of memory/scrap album. 


I covered 12x12 cardboard piece with ephemera from the trip, photos and tags "tacked" up with buttons.  And yellow taped around the edges, just masking tape I bought at Acme Surplus.

Here's the family shot taken right before our boat cruise around Casco Bay.

This rock and wire sculpture seen on the side lawn of Portland Museum of Art, just seemed so human.

This quote says it all...

Scarborough Beach in early morning.  I like how my flash looks like the sun.
This sandy beach was very nice, anytime at the beach is good.

Mother and child sculpture in Portland Museum of art.

A grid composition with small photos and ephemera collected through our stay.

Portland Head Light collage, photos taken and edited on my iPhone.

Bailey is part of the family and our favorite reason to return home!

Inside of back cover I created 2 pockets for postcards, photo compact disc and ephemera not used in album.  Yet another piece of cardboard covered with scrapbook papers and tape.  Letter and number tape found at Michael's for $1 a roll.

Journaling is my last step in completing this fun album. 

Fun because
  • used materials I had, paper, tape, staples, etc...
  • didn't worry about acid free
  • made up some pages before printing pictures
  • added pages as I needed to
  • included stuff from trip, recycled it even
  • enjoyed the process
  • finally finished a scrapbook I started!
Well, that's Portland all wrapped up in a neat package and I am so very happy with how it turned out!  Do you digitally scrapbook or use actual photos like I did here? 


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  1. Donna I love this!!! Sorry it has taken me so long to get over here to sit the album. Thsat is really awesome, it must have taken you forever. And the license plate is a perfect cover. Now will this sit out as an art piece? I can't believe you still have more to do. Very nice job. It's a sad commentary, but I don't do either, never did. We have boxes of pictures from when we were kids and then at some point we just all stopped taking pictures. I never wanted my photo taken, so there are hardly any of me around. I didn't have kids, so I really never had a reason to have albums. I do however keep my ghost photos digitally! Ha!


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