Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Summer recap

Oh my goodness, it's been waaay too long!

What's new with you?  Are you ready for Autumn days?  Ready or not here they come, at least here in New England! 

I've missed writing here and hearing from you, but the days were just so full.  I am back and determined to write on a regular basis, what exactly I mean by that needs to be worked out.  Should it be every other day or just 3 times a week?  Don't know yet, consistency has never been my strength, working on it though...really! 

How the heck are ya?
Summer flew by for me and mine with lots of activities:  

Drove Libby to Drivers Ed classes in Hadley (8 classes of 9 done, tomorrow is last 1)  Next up is permit test, then actual driving...oh dear, don't think I am ready for this.  Just remember my Dad trying to teach me, ha, ha, ha.  Poor man!
Had a few pool parties for my teens and their friends, so they could swim, splash and laugh, you know F-U-N carefree days!  I already miss them.
Our family vacationed in Portland Maine!  Wonderful days spent exploring this eclectic city by the sea.  No schedules, no rushing, just fun, silly, curious days spent together.  I'll be sharing the memory album in the next few days. 
I promise, cross my heart.
Visited with Mom while she was up from Florida.  Love you Mom!  Miss you bunches.
Brought the kids to the library for books and time with a special friend.
Walked Bailey bunches of times.  Silly red dog, makes me laugh every day. 

Made some new friends.  Reconnected online with friends from High School days!  Many of whom I'll be seeing at our 30th reunion in November.  Dinner followed by candlepin bowling, which I haven't done since High School.
Fun, fun, fun!  I cannot wait!!!

Took Claudine Hellmuth's collage class online.  Wonderful stuff.  Made a collage I'd dreamed about, so cool to see it come to life!
Made lots of painted, gluey messes in my studio by experimenting, playing, testing and trying new techniques.  I love art.

Watched my teenagers head off on the same bus for High School.  That hasn't happened since Grammar school days.  Wow, they grow up so fast, don't they?
I signed up for another online class with Jenny D'Oh this one is called Crafting My Best Life and it looks phenomenal.  Very exciting stuff.  Check it out, maybe it's something you'd like?!

Our favorite discovery of the summer, hands down, was Beal's Ice Cream Shop in Portland, so yummy we HAD to eat some EVERY DAY of vaca!!!   

Guess what color Beal's t-shirt I bought?  The first one to guess correctly will win an eclectic package of goodies, made by yours truly. 

Up next my 1st official giveaway, a late celebratory blog-i-versary thing. 

Stay tuned.


  1. Welcome back, I have checked almost every day to see what's up. I missed your comments, pics and artsy stuff. I also miss you guys and hope you can come down in November again. I have a special gal I'd like you to meet. Cannot wait for the pictures and My guess is purple for the shirt.
    Love Ya Mom

  2. Yeah! I love when here is a little "squirt" of mustard! Been far to long, but I know you were busy. Would Love to see pics of your art projects!!

    I guess your tee shirt is Teal, rhymes with Beal, right?

  3. Mom's are always right so I am going to say Mom wins!!!! It would be cool if it was Mustard colored though! LOL Your summer sounds as busy as ours was without the long vacation. We did lots of day trips and of course the race weekend at Watkins glen!

  4. Thanks for playing along ladies. I can't believe Mom doesn't remember what my favorite color is. LOL

  5. sounds like a very full and wonderful summer! Now enjoy the beautiful autumn! xo natalea

  6. It's yellow how could I forget, it must have been a weak moment. Lots of dandelions to you. Love Mom


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