Monday, November 14, 2011

October Nor'Easter or the Halloween that wasn't

This is how the whole thing started, doesn't seem so bad, right?!

Call this BEFORE...

Even this heavier accumulation, just didn't seem REAL.
See all of those oak leaves hanging on to trees above
the pool house?  Wet heavy snow and leaves are NOT
a good combination!  More on that later...

Right after supper on October 29th, we lost power, so out
came the candles and flashlights, hoodies and extra blankets.

The next morning, our world was iced in snow, looked lovely, but
we already spied damage to our bushes and trees...still no power.
Call this DURING...

These maple branches were nowhere near the ground before
the storm.  And we can usually see our street looking in this

We listened to our fabulous radio/flashlight during breakfast.

Heated water for coffee, cocoa and oatmeal on the Coleman stove.

Pretty and Cold!

On October 31st, we warmed ourselves beside this fire.
Beginning to wonder when power will return. 

Um, Happy Hallo-what?  All towns in our area cancelled
Trick or Treating all together.  Without streetlights, power lines
down and tree debris everywhere, it was the safe thing to do. 
I believe Mother Nature played the biggest Trick on us this year!

Even Bailey was NOT amused.  We all wished we had
Wooly Mammoth fur coats like hers!

We tried to stay amused and entertained...patient pup.
Listened to The Fellowship of the Ring on CD by candlelight,
every night.  My friends on Facebook kept me laughing
and informed.  Thanks for that, no really, knowing we
weren't alone, helped tremendously!


Did you experience this destructive storm?  We had
tornadoes here in Springtime and now a Nor'Easter
in early Autumn, wondering what may be next?!

It was 6 nights and 5 days without power for us,
which in hindsight doesn't seem so bad, especially when
you consider that there are still people in parts of
Connecticut who wait still...

Power crews from as far away as Texas came to help
with clean-up and restoration. 

For ALL those people who helped us out I say a huge,



  1. I love how crews from Texas came to help you out. When we had Hurricane Ike, crews came here from all over the country, too. It makes us all seem much closer in a strange way! Glad you weathered the storm so well. Hugs, Sista!!!

  2. Oh my gosh you guys got hit hard and how disappointing that it ruined Halloween. Stay warm chicky!!

    Sandy xox

  3. yes, those crazy storms are beautiful, but can be a pain too! Sorry to hear there was no Halloween! so sad! We've had such odd nice weather here in only snowed for 5 minutes yesterday and today it's in the 60s!
    hope you are having a nice weekend, xo natalea


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