Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Random List-if-ication

1.  Number of days I can handle no electricity or HEAT (without meltdown), 5.
     Some homes in New England are STILL without the juice, because of
     Nor'Easter on Saturday, October 29th.

2.  Halloween was cancelled because of all the downed power lines,                 
       tree debris in streets AND no STREET LIGHTS.  I feel sad for the little 
     ones who didn't get to go TRICK OR TREATING ...

3.  I write a lot of lists.  You know the kind, the ever revolving To Do and
       Grocery ones. 

4.  My teens can read in the dark.  I can't read without my glasses.

5. Palmer High School Class of 1981, are reuniting Saturday night
    for dinner and Candlepin Bowling.  30 years!!!  I cannot wait to see everyone
      then...Al, Bridget, Terri, Bonnie, Debbie, Tim, Buddy, Valerie, Wendy...
6. What am I gonna wear?  At 48, I lean majorly toward comfort over heels!
      Honestly, I am NOT worried about it, let's just say it keeps popping up. 

7.  In early December, I'll be spending a fabulous week in Florida with Mom,    
     the most awesome one!  Happy dancing... 

That's it for now, as 7 is one of my favorite numbers and there's lots to do before Turkey Day and Florida Getaway and (gasp) Christmas!

P.S. Things are getting back to "normal" since the blackout and I've got to give a shout out to all my Facebook friends who kept me entertained through it ALL!


P.P.S. I have a love/hate relationship with Blogger.  lol

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