Friday, December 30, 2011

Cleaning Old Christmas Candles

Must say here and now, NEVER thought I'd be writing about this subject but here it is...

Before cleaning :(

After :)

We found these cute, tiny (3") candles, amongst my
Mother-in-law's Christmas things, in a cardboard box,
wrapped in newspaper and looking worse for wear.
Since her passing in September, I am doing all I can
to preserve her precious things. 

And THAT's why I'm writing about candle cleaning! 

These candle holders were made in
W. Germany and the pine bough, bell candles
fit perfectly on them. 

After a fairly fruitless search online for cleaning tips,
it must be stated here, I am not a Google master at
these things, but will keep trying nonetheless!  Ha!

First I used a Mr. Clean Magic eraser all over the candles,
which removed most of the dirt and dulled surface of
candles.  Next I buffed the candles with a clean white
rag and they shined up beautifully.  Finally after snapping
these photos, I wrapped them in clean white tissue paper and
will store them in a plastic tub, until next Christmastime.

I like old vintage items to show their age and think
the charm of the candles and holders still remains.
The initial cringe factor, first felt upon opening the
cardboard box full of old newpaper shreddings and
mouse droppings, has been scrubbed away.  Yay!

Lovely, non?


choir kids candles, dirty

cute but yucky dirty

Not so sure using previous technique will work on
these detailed, painted cuties.  I am concerned
their bows or eyes might rub off and how to get
under the hymnals?!  But the thought of just leaving
them as is, well, that just can't happen!

Do you have any ideas?
I'd really like to hear them...

I'll keep searching online for cleaning tips, as
well as info about these tiny treasures and
share what works with you.

I also want to wish you ALL a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!


P.S. Please be safe while celebrating the end of 2011
and the beginning of 2012. 


  1. I LOVE how the red ones look new! Awesome job. I'd take a q-tip to those choir kids. It was really deja vu looking at those two -- my mom had some exactly like that years and years ago. But I imagine using the same technique you used on the red ones but with a q-tip should work. Can't wait to see the after picture!

  2. Thanks so much Sally, don't know why I didn't think of Q-tips. So nice to know your Mom had same candles. Glad that I could share them with you!


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