Saturday, December 17, 2011

Quilted Wallhanging

Close-up of Snowman wallhanging.
Isn't he the cutest? 

I purchased a quilt panel while visiting
Mom in Florida and she gave me more
fabulous sewing advice.  I like to do
free motion quilting and Mom is more
of a "traditional" quilter, but she's probably
forgotten more about sewing than I will
EVER know! 

Bunny close-up.  The sweet details are what caught my
attention and I knew I could go wild with free-motion

Happy little red bird.

Here is the finished wallhanging.
I am so pleased with how it came out,
thanks to Mom, it has a finished binding,
not pinked edges.  LOL!!!

Thanks for the fabric & excellent advice Mom!  I think
I've finally overcome my sewing machine phobia.  

I know my sewing is not perfect, but I embrace that.
Learning and growing requires a starting place, right?  

Do you sew?  Are you making any new holiday decorations?

Making Christmas cookies with the kids later this weekend...


  1. You did great for a sewing phobic. I am proud of you for overcoming that fear. You do the stuff I cannot do and I do the stuff you, well I won't say cannot do because you may do some of it yet, and between us we do it all. Love yah!!!Mom

  2. Donna, was a lovely thing to do and such a nice job you did. I look forward to making some time in the future to sew again, I use to as a kid/teenage. With you and mom Dionne staying busy with sewing, you're both inspiring me to try again. :)

  3. Ursulina, I hope you get back to sewing soon! Thanks for your kind comment. Donna

  4. This is so great, Donna! Congratulations on overcoming the phobia and creating something that your family will treasure forever. I love it! You did a great job!

  5. It feels so great to banish my fear and be able to enjoy a visible reminder of it & decorate with it every winter. Thanks sweet Sally!


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