Friday, January 13, 2012

Blogstruction vs. Blogreno

Hello dear friends,

Holy cow, 10 days already!  SHEESH!!!

starfish ornaments

Been busy working in my studio(;D)
vacuuming with my Dyson (post Christmas present),
writing stuff (not quite ready to share),
making pretty ornaments (with stuff I ALREADY have),
taking loads of pictures too!

Does anyone mind if I do a few posts of just pictures?
That could be kind of fun, huh?

Whew, I should be tired after doing ALL that, but happily
feeling energized and excited.  Woohoo!

You might be wondering, or not, about blogstruction?!
that's my made up word for blog construction,
or should it be blogreno like renovation?

Whatever it's called...
over the next little while, I'll be trying things out
posting pics, some poetry, a tutorial, news on
Fibromyalgia therapy that works(hear angels sing)
and playing in the MUSTARD.

I want to find just the right look for my blog,
to make it fun and easy to peruse.

What do you enjoy seeing most here? 
Is it my random rambling writing,
alluring alliteration, photography,
artwork, poetry, penmanship(what?),
I'd really like to know...

Be well and smile!


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  1. I love seeing it all. Everything you're doing and writing. Bring it on!


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