Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Catching up and doing things my way

Cleaned up choir kids

These cleaned up pretty nicely, huh?  Thanks Sally
for the Q-tip idea... 

This mess is what I deal with every year after Christmas!


This year I vowed to clean out the junky stuff
that has no sentimental value and donate it to
my local thrift store.  My husband great helper
that he is, usually whisks all the boxes down to
the basement before I can organize it, but despite
his attempts, I got to sort and purge.


Oh yeah and label it all too. 

15 boxes of Christmas stuff
I had no idea there were that MANY!  Is that a lot?
How many boxes of holiday goodies do you have?
More or less?   

During the sorting process.

See that Santa there?
I bought him in Michigan many summers ago, he
was my 1st thrift store purchase! 
Love him because I had one just like him when
I was a little girl!

Moving into the New Year, I plan to work on some
Christmas crafting, before I move onto other fun
artsy stuff.  I realize that some folks would think
this is backwards, but I gotta do it my way. 

Am I right?

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