Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Time travel Tuesday

Xrays in reverse
bones propped and pinned together
monstrous looking beast

Over the holidays, we went to Boston Museum of
Science and did a bit of time traveling, waaay back to
days of dinosaurs and not as far back to visit

 Artwork, sculptures and everyday items preserved
by the ash of Mt. Vesuvius.  The vibrancy of colors
was breathtaking.

In order to preserve all these amazing artifacts, the exhibit
was fairly dark and specially lit and there was NO flash
photography.  I took all these photos with my Iphone :)

Shadows of time see
beauty of Pompeii buried
lost, found and reborn

Wall ornamentation colors are just amazing.

But the plaster casts of people who died there
stopped me in my tracks.  The mix of emotions
was overwhelming. 

Solid hands, hair, sleeve
womans softness missing now
remnants of lost soul

Curves of a woman
now hardened, cold, immobile
whispers remember...

Antique plaster cast
dingy, dirty, gray, frozen
human she remains

Together they cried
held fast through ashy last breaths
left loving death note

Couple reaching out
eery cast of love's last grasp
space, time, history

Supine child succumbs
gas, ashes, Vesuvius
human time capsule

These photographs cannot capture the stillness, loss,
sadness or humanity that these plaster casts revealed to

Perhaps my haiku helps express it. 


  1. OMG! Your haiku was as haunting as the photos. What a beautiful post, Donna!

  2. I agree, your haiku is beautiful. We studied Pompeii last year in History. It is such a moving situation. Thanks for sharing your pics!

  3. Neat stuff! It's been too long since I visited our museum...

    Sandy xox

  4. I saw heads like the plaster ones in my guest room that you comment on. Now I will always think of Pompei when I see them. What an experience for you. Was it the whole family or just you and Jeff??
    Love Mom


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