Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An Altered Valentine Challenge

finished valentine

Michell Mach, of Beads and Books sent out a Valentine's 
challenge, offering one of her free embossed notecards 
to 25 participants. I chose the embossed letters card and
envelope and when I received it I sighed at the beauty 
and simplicity of this lovely card.

inside detail

I took the cover/embossed portion off from the back, spent a lot
of time looking at each part, including the envelope and then I
went to mixed-media town on all of it! 

altered envelope

Because my Valentine isn't being sent by mail, I could put anything 
on it without worry or care.  And with this entire project I just played
with any material I felt like.  FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

full inside view

The inside cover is the only part I don't like but I left
it this way because the more I did the worse it got! 
Not everything you make will be perfect and that's 
okay.  I enjoyed using stamp pads, stencils, doilies,
tapes, spray fabric paint, spray ink, ribbon and Dymo
labelers, on this Valentine for my husband. 

cover close-up

Especially enjoyed adding more layers atop the
embossed letters with a black ink pad, which
helped turn a somewhat feminine color scheme
more masculine.  

It's not exactly what one would consider a traditional
Valentine, but it was ever so much fun to try varying
techniques and ideas upon and really isn't that what
a challenge is all about? 

I'm very glad to have declared this love month because
both Jeff and I have rotten colds, maybe we'll feel like
celebrating this weekend. 

Wishing you lots of Valentine love!


  1. You're amazing! This is so cool. I can't even imagine how you do what you do! Love this card. Hope you & Jeff feel better soon!

  2. I love what you did with the card! I never would have thought to add black to the mix, but it really gives it a different feel. Your card makes me want to pull out the paints and go to town wildly coloring everything. Thanks for joining the challenge!


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