Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dancing with natural light

joy (natural light) unedited, iPhone

Today I've been trying to work with natural light, which is a challenge for me. 

our view southward

We tend to get cloudy, gray days or really sunny ones, which so far I've found to be very challenging for capturing the actual color of an item.  Now my Uncle Don says cloudy days are best for taking great photographs, so far I disagree, but I haven't studied my DSLR manual as much as he has either!  So much learning yet to do:)  

joy(natural light) edited, iPhone

I really like this photograph, cropped square and edited to brighten the colors!  In my quest to create and post here everyday, I made this JOY pennant with a leftover piece from "love you always" banner and am chronicling my natural light dilemma.  I have no qualms about editing photographs, however, if I ever wanted to say sell something on etsy, I'd like the colors to remain true and that's what brought me here...

dyed yellow button(NL) unedited, DSLR

This photo was taken with my DSLR, could those buttons look any duller?

yellow buttons (NL) edited PS7, DSLR

I prefer this photo, what do you think?  Neither photo represents what the buttons really look like and that's okay for now, but I want to get a handle on capturing actual color. 

The other day, with sun shinning brightly, I happily snapped another mixed media bottle project.  And I thinks everything is too bright here. 

too much natural light?

Here the brightness of sunlight actually washes out and flattens color qualities.

Enough of my mucking with natural, the following photos are for you to enjoy.

I love buttons and old jars! 

I like yellow too.  How about you, what's your favorite color or colors?

Mom on Pine Island Beach

I love my Mom, she's the best!  And miss her and the beach in that order.  Read the sign Mom is posing with, we thought it was a real hoot. 

Haven't needed boots much this Winter...

Irish Setter at dog show

Here's a Chow, check out the purple tongue:)


I was bad...

It was sooo good!



  1. I have a chow! And she does have a purple tongue! She's a peach - and same color as the one you show. I love your blog post today, all the colors are gorgeous... :) :)

  2. I like your post. I need to learn more about photography so I appreciated what you had to say.

  3. Great post! I love photography and hope you have fun with it. We'd love a digital slr camera! Some day maybe... I actually prefer the buttons picture pre-colorizing. I love old white buttons and that's what they look like in the first picture. But since you said neither is the right color, I don't know which is closer to the actual button color!

    I so want that sundae. Right now, please! I looks amazing!

  4. It takes time and lots of practice! Practice is fun, I think you got some really interesting shots~ I love the purple window one, so stunning! YOU dog is such a good sport, so cute~

  5. Awesome post and so much fun with colors!


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