Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Flowers for you

a spring bouquet

While in the grocery store, I could NOT resist picking
some flowers to share with YOU.

sunny yellow mums

large white mum

Our winter has been very mild but
colors outside are dull and drab so these
flowers are cheerful and fun.

Do you like them?

pink carnation in background

If you're feeling blue or a bit of cabin
fever, consider picking up a bit of Spring
with a bouquet of flowers.

Have a colorful day dear friends.


  1. Love these flowers! They're all in bloom down here. Daffodils, etc. Pretty...

    1. Enjoy them Sally, I'm a bit jealous, but with this mild Winter and fresh flowers, I can wait for Spring, albeit impatiently. LOL

  2. Your post made me think of Dad. He used to suggest that I buy flowers for the house to cheer us on the dull days. You take after him in so many wonderful ways. Love you Mom


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