Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Love Month

love month banner

This banner/bunting (?), can anyone tell me the difference, is another
mixed media project I made, using only materials on hand. 

The triangular pennant pieces are from cereal boxes which I'd started
painting last month.  The colors, although not the traditional red and
pale pink, I thought would look nice in our dinning room. 

 painted cereal box

Piled up pennants

Neon pink duct tape and Ken's grommets

My father-in-law, Ken, never threw anything away, lucky me!
I keep his grommets, along with the doodads you use to set them,
in that cute (and labeled) box I made a while back. 
The grommets and tape reinforce the holes and help keep
"always LOVE you", from falling apart.

stencilled doilies

testing ink colors

Because I thought the letters might pop more and blend
a bit with the colors on the pennants, tried several ink pads.
Which one would you have chosen?

Now that I look back at the un-altered lettered doilies, think
they popped pretty well as they were, but my preference was
for purple. 

can you say eeuuw?!

Despite my 1st thought of purple, something inside was
saying, oh go ahead give green a try, um, YUCKY!!!

purple is much better, non?

Once all 13 doilies were inked and glued to individual pennants,
then came deciding upon what to hang them with...

By trying several ribbons(above silver), strings and button
combinations, I found a favorite.

pink button on a string

I really liked the look of the pink button when it was
over the grommet, but didn't want to use or string
26 individual buttons, so I came up with plan C.

finally settled on cream colored ribbon

This picture isn't so great, think maybe I need
to cover my workbench with white paper.

Went with cream because I have lots of it AND
because the pennants are supposed to stand out, not
the ribbon!

What do you think, did I make the right choice?

Perhaps, I could've simplified things by NOT purple
inking doilies, but I like it with the greens, pinks and
purples that were already on my cardboard pieces. 

Best of all it is F-U-N!

grommets before smashing


color edit I really like

Wish I'd scanned this "box" art, into my computer,
as there are loads of fun color edits I could've tried.
Oh well, next time.

photo edited grommet box ;)

Tomorrow on "the mustard", altered mini mail boxes!

And other sweet ways to celebrate
love month (formerly known as February)!

Do you have any sweet crafting plans on your


  1. LOVE this! I have a quilt I made years ago that is my favorite to hang. I should take a picture shouldn't I?

  2. This is so terrific! I love it. Thanks for walking us through the process. I love that. It's just amazing to me that you can do these things!

  3. The banner turned out great! I noticed you decorated some mail boxes too! We had a blast making ours last year :)

    Sandy xox


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