Thursday, February 9, 2012

Loving words on Aunt Ruth's typewriter

Early on, even before February started I declared it "love month".  You may wonder(or not), what I am on about?  Well, I decided to take the greeting card, hyped up, commercialized(1 day) holiday into my own hands and share the love all month long... 

Today, I used Aunt Ruth's newly repaired typewriter, to express myself.

isn't it beautiful?

This Olympia "portable" typewriter has been sitting in a variety of basements for over 30 years.  Fortunately it was in a heavy duty metal case and after some minor repairs and a new ribbon, it's as good as new. 

Do your remember typing on one of these babies?  I nearly failed typing in High School and never really used one since, but I had a blast typing, flubbing up and clacking the keys in order to write a few letters of love.

for my son

lavender for Libby

Just a glimpse of Jeff's

encouraging words

I've been busy taking an online course called, The Keys to Publishing And Building Creative Momentum with Jenny D'oh, it's been 3 weeks of soul searching, goal setting and connecting with fellow artists through a new facebook group.
Jenny's blog is full of creative eye candy as well as tutorials, free motion quilting, dyeing vintage buttons, fiber arts(which is HER preferred medium), interviews with artists and way too much to cover here. Go check it out.

Honestly, if you enjoy crafting, Jenny's classes are worth looking into;
she really makes you think and work really hard, but in the end you learn so much!  :-D   


Dream, Do, Soar.

and L-O-V-E.

P.S. Blog reno has begun.  My goal is to make the mustard easy to navigate, fun and informative.  It's time consuming work for me,
but am very pleased with the results.

Peace, Donna


  1. I love the old typewriters, too! Very cute post.

  2. This is great! I love the new look. You're doing a lot of really cool things and I'm very impressed!


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