Friday, February 3, 2012

Mini mailboxes of love

Libby's mailbox

While at Target the other day, I spied THE cutest mini mailboxes
(for $1 each) & scooped some up for my family. 

I used buttons, glue, stickers, ribbons, catalog pictures, scrapbook
paper, rubber stamps and ink to alter them to suit each of my
"sweeties".  All this stuff I already had, so it was just a matter of
gluing, cutting and playing.  Really, so much fun!

We've got mail

Here they are on the front porch, back view.  I always like
to have my pieces look good from any angle. 

Bailey is wonder where hers is?


Aw geez, look at that sad face.  Sorry Bubba, I didn't think you'd want one!

Of course, when there's food inside, you're always interested.

Today's delivery consisted of conversation hearts.  The teens have
already eaten theirs up, but I'm saving mine, maybe for another
craft project, because I just had a filling replaced and I really do
NOT need candy right now. 

Can you believe it's February in New England and I took these photos
OUTSIDE, with no snow around?  That's CRAZY good!

Will's mailbox and mine

I kept the decorations and sentiments to a minimum on the
teen boxes and they seemed to like them a lot.

Jeff's mini mailbox

My scientist husband, appreciated all the images I collaged onto
his mailbox. 

Now, if I can get all my peeps to start writing nice, kind, loving
notes to one another, that'll make this a crazy GOOD February!

Do you have any special Valentine treats you're cooking up?


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