Friday, February 10, 2012

Mix tapes

tape basket

Not the kind you were thinking, huh?  Remember in the, ahem, 80s when everyone was making and sharing favorite songs on cassette tapes?  That was a lot of fun and so can playing with a variety of tapes when creating mixed media art! 

I first read about adding tape for texture to backgrounds from Claudine Hellmuth, in her book Collage Discovery Workshop: Beyond the Unexpected, which I borrowed from my local library system.  By using various widths of masking tape all over a background you can create depth, dimension and texture. 

masking tape

Masking tape isn't just for hanging artwork at school anymore, it comes in varying colors and widths and is quite inexpensive.  And that's probably why schools use it to hang students works of art! 

colorful tapes

See what I mean about the colors?  White, yellow, blue, red, green and PURPLE.  A lot of my tapes have been purchased at Acme Surplus in Downtown Northampton.  If you're ever in the area, its worth checking out.  

clear packing tapes

Packaging tapes have evolved, into colorful, lettered and numbered shiny items. I've used these to embellish photo albums, ATC's and bookmarks and enjoy the layered effects they can offer.

paper and fabric tapes

New to my collection, are the fabric tapes in the background and I look forward to embellishing with them soon.  What's not to like about tape with polka dot?  Seriously fun way to add color and whimsy to an art project.

not your dad's duct tape

No longer dull and only gray, duct tape has come a long way!  Need a binding for a small journal or perhaps want to cover up corrugated cardboard edging, duct tape is up for these tasks and more!

double stick tapes


An easy and fast way to keep scrapbook photos and elements down, flat or with a little height, can't go wrong with double sided tapes.

dymo labelers :)

I've enjoyed Dymo labelers since my 1st exposure to them, way back in 1973, when my Mom handed one to me so I could label all my camping gear for a stay at Camp Bonnie Brae.  The newer style on the left is much neater, but my hand usually reaches for the original while crafting. 

colorful electric tapes

Electrical tape is great because, of course, COLORS, I also like the plastic
smoothness AND fondly recall my Dad using black electrical tape to repair all kinds of things. :) 

My collection currently contains 1 single roll of Washi tape and I didn't corral it for the Mix tapes photo shoot.  Planning on trying it out on some projects very soon, stay tuned.

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