Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sorting through stuff

future ATCs

thread on wooden spools

Usually I don't mind sorting things into categories or
storage containers, but with Jeff building a family room
in the basement and all the upheaval down there, I'm
getting tired of it...

finished steps


Jeff and Bailey

Walls are going up, changing the layout and storage
spaces in the basement and Bailey's not sure how she
feels about the whole thing. 

This photo was taken from my studio, which will be moving
upstairs where there'll be natural light(joy), heat(happiness)
and running water.  Woohoo!!!

My studio has been a great place to play,
explore and create, but it's cold in the
Winter and the fluorescent lighting isn't
working for me any longer.  And don't get
me started about the spiders.  Been sorting
in here a lot, what'll I keep, trash or donate. 
Lots of time and energy spent in here lately.

It'll be converted into our home gym as soon
as I move out. 

studio dog


Bailey keeps me company here but she
doesn't like going down the basement
stairs, so I've been pampering her by
letting her in through the hatchway.

She'll be way happier upstairs in the
new studio.  I just wish she could help
with the sorting...

holiday decorations

With walls up and stairs closed in, now
we have the perfect place to store our
Fall and Christmas decorations.  All
together (gasp) in one place!

On the right side of this photo you can see
heavy duty shelving unit, which has been moved
from another part of basement.
That sorting took place last weekend.

Before I can move the studio upstairs, we need
to sort through quite a bit of my mother-in-law's
things, which can be very sad and slow. 

donation zone

Soon, I'll make several trips to local thrift stores,
to donate what we no longer want to keep. 

Looking forward to having a lot more studio space,
so I can invite friends over for craft nights and fun
artistic explorations.

What fun projects are you working on right now?

Remember to leave a comment, by 2/29/12,
on my 100th blog post, for a chance at winning
1 of 3 mixed media prizes.

Peace, Donna

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  1. I do love to do organizing, if it means I get my own space out of the deal! Ok, what are ATFs? I have a pile of old wooden spools from my grandmother. I hang on to them cause I think they're cool. What are you going to do with them? I did have some really skinny candles that fit perfect into the holes.


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