Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yesterday, today, tomorrow



This desktop shot speaks of history and heirlooms. 
The owl paper weight always sat upon a desk in my
parents' home and now it roosts on my desk.  

My Dad made this desk as my 17th birthday present. 
It brings back so many great memories of him. 
He was a smart, funny, talented man who was always 



I do most of my writing on my laptop. After
using Aunt Ruth's typewriter to type a few
letters, I really appreciate this modern wonder!

The wireless access to worldwide information
that my laptop provides, still amazes me...

Connecting with friends(Y-O-U!) from accross
America and around the world, through my laptop
via my blog is one of my favorite daily activities.



This handmade blorganizer=blog organizer, helps
me plan posts and projects to share here on the mustard.

I got the idea from Becky at Infarrantly Creative.  She provides
a monthly calendar page and a weekly page, you can print
multiples out and bind them together into your very own 
blorganizer.  If you are a blogger who craves a plan, Becky's
planner might just work for you.    

It is fabulous to have some(one, single)thing to jot post ideas,
crafts, to do lists and anything blog related in. 

I just LOVE having a plan!

yesterday, today, tomorrow


I enjoy making up new words and while writing about
my Dad, the term ever-learner popped into my mind.
He was definitely an ever-learner!  Are you someone
who is always reading, seeking answers, expanding
your mind and talents?  Then you are an ever-learner

I believe ever-learners are some of the best teachers.
My Mom through years of sewing, quilting, and learning
has become an amazingly encouraging teacher.
Not to mention humble...
Just ask her quilting group.

Throughout my life, my parents lead by example.
They taught in an indirect way by trying, failing, learning
from failures, researching, trying again and doing what they
love.  I cannot think of a better way to teach, can you?

Yesterday is gone but memories live on,
Today has hold of us always.
And tomorrow is a hopeful promise.


PS.  I'm an ever-learner, do you think it's genetic? 

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  1. Thank you for that lovely blog. As a parent one never really knows if one has done a good job raising children. One can only do the best that one can and leave the rest to God. Dad and I had always tried to do that and are very proud of all of our children. Thanks again.

    Love Mom


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