Sunday, March 18, 2012

Crafting fun at Lora's

Lora & happy moments piece

My sweet friend Lora invited me over to her
house for crafting fun time.  And we had
a blast!  Lora is an amazing scrapbook artist
and lover of all things mixed media.  Can you
see the detail in her artwork above?  

intense crafter

Lora took this photo of me as I joyfully crafted on tags!
We didn't snap many pictures because frankly we were
having so much fun sharing, painting, stamping and enjoying
ourselves!  All these shots are taken nearing the end of the day.
I am now kicking myself for not capturing her amazing studio time:-D

Sera's artwork

Sera is Lora's daughter and a she made this mixed media piece which was all for the band One Direction, a group Sera and her girlfriends L-O-V-E!!!

Bojo wants to play!                       

I'd like you to meet Bojo, he is Lora's loveable studio dog.  He sometimes barks at nothing like Bailey and he loves to play fetch!  Isn't he sweet?
Everybody say, awww...

pile of tags

I crafted on a bunch of tags(generously provided by Lora) with stamps, ink, shimmer sprays, paint, paper, etc...
Actually I think ETC is the definition of mixed media art.

These smiles say it all, don't you think?  TY Sera for taking it.

Crafting with a friend, I HIGHLY recommend it!  And that's why Lora's coming to play at my house next month.  Woohoo!

I'll be posting snaps of my finished tags next time, here on the Mustard...


P.S. Just want to THANK Lora for a wonderful day, can't wait to do it again.
Also any local friends interested in crafting together, let me know and we'll do it.   

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