Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My hero, my brother

Bob before run

This is my brother Bob, before running up 24 flights of stairs to raise money for the American Lung Association.  

He wanted a way to honor the memories of our Dad and Grandmother who both died from lung diseases.
Bob and I before his run

Bob searched online for an event he could 
participate in and found Climb Springfield
was happening in 5 days and did it.    

He raised money, made a T-shirt with pics
of Dad and Grandma, which made me cry 
and laugh simultaneously.  

Bob and Janet before

In 5 days he raised $530, all of which his company 
Pratt and Whitney will match, so Bob really raised

Our group of 3, lead by Bob shared the stories and 
tears and made the promise to raise more next year 
with a much larger team.  

Bob with timekeeper volunteer

I have loads of pictures of my dear brother, talking
with and listening to volunteers, firefighters, other 
race participants.  He shares the stories very well.

And he's off in a flash

Janet and I had no idea how long it would take for
Bob to reach the 24th floor, so we headed up to 
cheer him on to 6th floor but he'd already raced
past that one...

So we jumped into the elevator to meet him at the top 
and as we climbed, I got a text 5:12!  Bob was done that
fast.  So great when we saw him and hugged our congratulations.  

immediately after his run

Elated at his time and accomplishment.  
Rightly so! 

feeling lungs burn now

One of Bob's many new friends explained that this sensation is what our loved ones lived with EVERY DAY! 

 another fun volunteer

Back to the ground floor, Bob happily gets his 

interviewed by Channel 22

Janet got him an interview
and Bobby really rocked it!
Click on caption of this picture to see what aired.  

firefighters gearing up 

geared up and waiting their turn
 Firefighters from Holyoke, Granby and other cities also participated in this great fundraiser.

These firemen carry 60 to 70 pounds of gear up the 24 flights.  I couldn't do that and was feeling really happy that they can and DO!  

Last year, one of them did it in 5 minutes 30 seconds, with ALL that gear! 

I plan to WALK next year.

Bob's personal fundraising page is here.  He asked me to share this with you in hopes to raise more money for the American Lung Association! 

I am very proud of my brother, he turned his sadness and grief into action and raised money for a cause which is very near and dear to our family's hearts.  

That's why Bob's my hero!

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