Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring creativity on manual mode

Bittersweet still clings to the vines.  

This gorgeous day and dramatic place called to me from a busy mountain road, would you have stopped?  Here in New England, we're experiencing unseasonably warm days and I am enjoying it immensely!

Blue jays called out and ducks flew to the sky as I approached this starkly beautiful place.  

I finally took my Canon, Rebel XS off of auto focus and am pleased with these unedited photographs.  I continue to push myself artistically and am enjoying the results.    

Are you tempted to dust off that easel, pick up your knitting needles, open a brand new box of crayons, take that mixed media course or try something creative? Coloring with crayons may seem juvenile but you'd be amazed at how much fun it can be.  Maybe as crayon connects to paper, you'll recall that secret something you've ALWAYS held tight, your heart's creative yearning calls...go ahead and answer it.  

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  1. Great pics and posts my love! You are amazing!


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