Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Studio tour and an invitation

I've settled into my new studio and am loving the space and light and energy I feel while "working" here. 

happy workspace
With gifts from friends and family surrounding me, I cannot help but smile and joyfully grow as an artist.  The quilted sunflower wall hanging to the left of the window was created by my talented Mom. 

glorious gift
Outside the window just mentioned above is a birdfeeder and I really enjoy spying on the chickadees and sparrows who pop in and out to say hello!

good morning chickadee
So blessed am I to have all this space and nature in a sunny studio at home. 

Here are a few vignettes from my ever evolving studio.

vintage laces
Dad, always with me...
ATCs and tags
yes you can
So far I've had one guest artist(Lora) come and create here at the mustard studio, but am planning on hosting many more playdates.  If you're planning on being in the Springfield area and would like to join me, please contact me.  I would thoroughly enjoy sharing and learning with you!  



  1. I love the studio and cannot wait to physically be there. Maybe I will be able to create a quilt while I am visiting. You can help with the fabric selection. I love your color sense and you creative talents. Your proud Mom

  2. its wonderful to have a creative space of your own! enjoy it thoroughly! happy week to you...xo natalea

  3. How lovely and bright. I love how you strung all the lace together and the fact that you have a bird feeder outside your window :)

    Sandy xox

  4. I love your new studio. Just getting caught up on blogs and was delighted to see this. You must LOVE it!


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