Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Celebrations, BIG and small

Libby graduates from High School

Elizabeth graduated from High School and I cried a lot, joyful, proud, 
man-the-time-went-by-too-fast tears.  

Proud Memere with grandkids

My mom drove up from Florida earlier than usual, braving the cold New England weather, to witness this special event.  We love having her stay with us, so each day is a small celebration.  

Happy biker

I bought myself a bicycle!  I am joyful because the 10 year old girl inside of me is squealing with delight.  When I had Fibromyalgia, riding a bike was torturous and so I thought I'd never ride again.  But now this beautiful blue bike (triple b) is a major part of my fitness routine.  Who knew exercise could be this much fun?!

Happy reunion

Mom is great about calling friends she hasn't seen in a while and reconnecting with them over a long lunch or dinner.    Kathy was in the area and it was such a gorgeous day, we had her come for a poolside picnic:)  Later that night we made a fire in the fire pit and made s'mores.  Yum.  

The small celebrations are wonderful, don't you think?

What are you celebrating today?  


  1. congratulations to your daughter! and on your bike too! I don't ride a regular bike (though I do often think about getting one again) but I absolutely LOVE going to my spin class and cranking out 25 miles worth of sweat! there's something special about turning those pedals! have fun, xoxo natalea

  2. I am soo happy for all of you! Oh you do rock those bike shorts!!!!

  3. Libby is so adorable and your son so handsome. Don't you just love them to pieces? I know those tears you spoke of -- all too often and all too well!

  4. Congrats to Elizabeth and on you getting your wonderful new bike!

    Sandy xox

  5. Yeah Libby! She looks so cute in that picture! What kind of bike did you get??? I was looking at one that is similar, but it was only from Walmart, not to expensive. But no way could I venture out in bike shorts!


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