Monday, June 11, 2012

Recent ATCs

Dream BIG
The elephant photocopy, from a Dover copyright free book, is how this card started.  Then I thought of the phrase "Dream BIG".  Next I searched through my stash of already made backgrounds and found this crackled beauty.  (Tim Holtz crackle paints)   I love elephants and am very pleased with how this ATC came together. 

Do you have a favorite animal that regularly finds its way into your artworks?  

I've been pondering what to do with this photographer for a while and when I came across "wonderland" in my words basket, I knew this ATC was finished.  

Whenever I paint and there are ANY leftovers, I use it ALL up on paper and cardboard ATC blanks.  Waste not want not, that's what I believe.

This lady's expression and these swan wings inspired the word which lead me to the Halloween colors in June :)   Spooky and fun, don't you think?

(ARTchix German scraps, packaging tape photo transfer, Dymo label, orange gelato)

There are so many different ways to go with Artist Trading Cards and I've been pushing myself to try different things and that's what tomorrows post will show.  

Until then dear friends, peace!


  1. Cool stuff, Donna. You're being so good about getting creative and showing it all. Love that. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Thanks for your kind words Sally! I am really enjoying blogging these days.

  3. Aren't ATCs so fun? I like your Halloween ATC. I find that birds always make their way into my art work.

    As for the bottle, for now I will display them in groups- throughout the house. I added vintage bottle labels to my brown bottle collection...

    Have a great week! Sandy xox

    1. Birds are wonderful and so symbolic, don't you think? And a raven would be great on a Halloween ATC. I really like glitzing up old bottles with labels, vintage ribbon and rhinestone bits and bobs. Thanks for your kind words ;-D


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