Saturday, June 9, 2012

Reusing dollar store glittered goodies

Sparklson siblings tags
I love getting double or even triple use out of stuff I bought, don't you?

glittery caps 
I got that entire pile for $1 and could not bare to throw them away before stretching my crafty brain to reusing some of it.  

Already had some tags gessoed and water colored, just waiting for...

Rodney Sparkleson

The old photo is from ARTchix and doesn't he look grand on gold glitter?  C'mon Rod, we know you wanna smile.

Ned Sparkleson
Isn't he a charmer?  Love his smile and curly hair!  His photo is layered atop blue glitter paper, on old dictionary page and finally taped down with pale blue fabric tape.  

Sadie Sparkleson
Sister Sadie is sweet with 2 poses, framed by red glitter and embellished with a silver tone flower.  A special thank you to Diane for it as well as ALL the other sparkling goodies sent north with Mom!

Tom Sparkleson
Another handsome guy, Tom is framed by black glitter, on an old book page and taped with gold striped Washi tape.  I think this tag may be my favorite. The contrast of black glitter on the yellow, red, orange tag just make this picture pop.  Wonder what will get the glitter treatment next?  Any ideas? 

I'm still making an ATC a day and am so grateful for the creative kick the daily practice has given me.  I highly recommend getting your hands busy making something EVERY day.  

Have fun, make a mess, clean it up tomorrow.  That's what I'm gonna do!  


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