Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trying different techniques

Rethink it!

I'm Full

These 2 ATCs are meant to help me...g
entle reminders to support my healthy living goals.  Do you use words or phrases in your artwork? 


I just followed where the paint lead my markers to create this "dreamscape", simple, kind of weird but I'm stretching beyond my usual techniques.
What do you see here?


love dome

My favorite of the 3 is love dome and if you haven't tried zentangling, well I highly recommend it.  So relaxing, mesmerizing and F-U-N!  

What do you see?

The painted texture was enhanced by lightly rubbing gelatos over the surface of this card.  This one may not be done yet...

back of ATCs

Do you sign and date your ATCs?  I date mine in order to see how my art evolves.

Next up, something other than ATCs.  I've been working on some bigger projects so stay tuned...



  1. Cool sista! I love them, I do use words in collages when I've done them makes me remember what I was thinking when I was doing them!

  2. Thanks Mandy, when you visit we could try collaborating on something.

  3. Hmm never tried zentangling before? I use these cute atc stamps that have a space for your signature etc.

    Sandy xox

  4. Sandy, I was really surprised by how relaxing zentangling is. Wherever did you find the atc stamps? Sound interesting.


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